Board of Standards

The Honorary Board of Standards / Executive Board and Fellows for GAFM/ACCE is composed of professionals including faculty Deans from several Universities and world renowned Economics Practitioners and Financial Planning Practitioners

Enhance your Competitiveness. Add Master's Doctoral or Law Degree to your ACCE Qualification from Prestigious Universities

MAR 10
ACCE Inc holds 2nd Induction Ceremony University of Cape Coast conference Hall
AUG 09
ACCE Inc holds 1st Induction Ceremony University of Ghana Business School
NOV 10
ACCE Induction /PD Programme
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Heinlein, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels "The Original US Business School in Europe" BU Belgium (Honorary Advisor)

  • Jack McCaffery III, JD, LLM, CWM, MBA, DBA ABD, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ *

  • Jonathan Dougherty, J.D., LL.M., CWM, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ *

  • Dr. Jeffrey Riggs, PhD, ChE, MS, MA - Research Economist & Investor Communications - NC, USA

  • Prof Bernard Gerson, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels

  • Dean J. Mc Farland, PhD, CMA Chartered Market Analyst* Dean of The Tulane Freeman School of Business* New Orleans

  • Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan C. Bhat, Hon. Global Advisor for AAFM and AAPM, International & Grand PhD, FAAPM / FAAFM, MPM / MQM / MMC, CIPM, GPM, CPD and MFP - India.

  • James Lavorgna, JD, CWM™, CFP™, LLM - AAFM Certified Trainer

  • Prof. Dr. M. Dalton, PhD, CPA, JD, CWM -CEO Money Education Co.** Honorary Advisor to the Board

  • Hon. Dir. Andrew Kane, OBE, CWM, CRA - CEO and Managing Director HSBC Private Banking - Wealth Management, California - AAFM Master Financial Planner

  • Prof. Dr. Pablo Fernandez, PhD, MFP - IESE Business School Madrid Spain

  • Dr. Nicola A. Spence, LLB, CPM, CWM, CAM, CTEP - San Francisco - Asia Attorney at Law

  • Prof. Dr. Shinichi Watanabe, PhD Mas. Fin. Prof ™ - Belgium

  • Prof. Jean Bellemans, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels.

  • Dr. Benjamin Findley, CPM, Colonel, USAFR (Ret) (Special Honorary Advisor)

  • Dean George L. Salis, PhD. LLM, LLB (Hons), BS, FAD, MFM, CWM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof., CEPA Dean and Programme Director, Legal Studies Dept., Keiser College, CEO & Principal JurisConsults International Group, LLC Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows Florida,USA.

  • Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows.

  • Prof. Julia K. Brazelton, PhD, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ Connecticut

  • Dr. Zlatko Sijercic, PhD, CPM, CMA, CRA - Principal, Alpha Experts Group LLC, FL USA (Honorary Global Advisor)

  • Dr. Junaid M. Shaikh, PhD, MCom, MPhil, MFP™, BCom (Hons.), GDCA -Senior Lecturer - Curtin University of Technology - Former Head of Accounting Dept at Mult. Univ. ?School of Business, Sarawak ,Malaysia.

  • Prof. Dr. Swarnankur Chatterjee, PhD, CMA, FAD - Athens, GA, USA University Faculty

  • Prof. Thomas W. Goldman, JD, LLM, FAD, CWM, MFP M. Fin. Prof.

  • Darvin E. Glass, JD, LLM, MM, CAMC, CAM - Connecticut USA - Hon. Global Adv.

  • Dr. Lincoln B. S. Rosa, PhD, MFP, CEC, IEC Fellow, EDS do Brasil EDS - SilvaRosa Consulting **

  • Todd A. Leach, JD, MBA, CAMC, CCA - Maryland - Hon. Advisory Member

  • Cody Tellis, JD, LLM, MFP, CWM, CTEP, CAM California, USA

  • Honorable Dr. Ishaq Shafiq, PhD, MFP, CEPA -Master Financial Prof. Quantum III Consultants Group, LLC - United States.

  • Dean Charles E. Sykes, Ph.D., MFP, CCA, RBA - Harris-Stowe State University, MO, USA

  • Dr. Josef von Laurer, Ph.D., MFP, CPM, CTEP - USA FL and Germany - Honorary Advisor

  • Peggie A. Russell, J.D, RBA - Business Analyst - Tennessee, USA (Honorary Global Advisor)

  • Andy Ong, CWM ™, CAM ™, CPM ™, CFP ™ Chair, Wealth Management Association, Singapore

  • Phillippe Chan, Chief Financial Officer, BNP paribas (Hong Kong)

  • Robert J. Oravetz, LLM, CAMC, CRA - USA Hon. Global Advisor

  • Dr. R. Whitside, PhD, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. (Honorary Award)

  • Kelvin Leong, MSc, CPA, MFP, RBA, CSA, FCCA, MIEEE - Hong Kong (Honorary Advisor)

  • Dr. Alfred Kahl, PhD Canada and US Mas. Fin. Prof.

  • Dr K.T.N. Murthy, MBA, PhD (USA), MFP, CCD, CMC, MIMA, FUWAI, FMSPI?Executive Chairman, Amruthakrishna Group of Companies, Secunderabad India Financial Executive Hon. Global Advisor.

  • Todd Leach, JD, MBA, CCA, CITA - Compliance Exec. MD, USA - Hon. Global Advisor.

  • Prof. Lena Booth, Thunderbird Am. Grad. School of Int'l Mgmt.?Finance Department World Business US and Singapore

  • Prof. Dr. Rajesh Mohnot, Academic Head FTMS Business School in Singapore, RBA, MFP™ Mas. Fin. Prof. (Honorary Global Advisor)

  • Prof. Edwin D. Dimaculangan, CPA, MBA, RFA Philippines

  • Prof. Dr. Gary K. Hunter, Ph.D. Arizona State University

  • Stewart Cloer, JD, LLM, MFM, MFP, CAMC - Illinois, USA

  • Jacob H. Gold, CFP ™, CWM ™. President of Jacob Gold & Assoc., Inc. (Honorary Advisor) Arizona, USA

  • Michael Hsu, J.D., MPF, CTEP, CWM

  • Peter J, Loughlin, JD, LL.M., Esq., MFP Mas. Fin. Prof., Attorney-at-Law, Member Royal Society of Fellows; Member International Bar Association

  • Hon. Sameh Temraz, MFP, CWM - Regional Director Zurich Int'l Dubai, UAE

  • H. Freedman, JD, MBA, RFS, MFM, RBA - Advisor - Florida
  • Steven Burgeman, JD, LLM, CPA, CTS - Wealth Management - Illinois, USA - Hon. Gl. Adv.

  • Chris Goh, Academic Director, Finance Programs, ACPE, Singapore

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