The Professional Examination of the Chartered Economist Ch.E. (all part) is held in January and July of every year. Only registered students of the Association who have paid their annual subscription and the special levy up to date are eligible to apply for the examinations.

Candidates will be required to register for the January and July professional Examinations by sending a mail or downloading the student registration form from our website or completing the online registration form.

Examinations and assessment are currently provided as part of the course framework of an ACCE/GAFM registered or accredited training programs.

The assessment is based on centralize examinations with a local and international component to the examination program.

Core programs will be the first to qualify for global assessment with specializations being assessed through course framework as currently performed.

The examining body (GAFM Examination Board) is responsible for providing examination questions for assessment and marking of scripts

Every candidate who registers to write an exam will be allocated an examination venue base on proximity and will be communicated to candidates three (3) months to the examination. Candidates in countries where we do not have providers will be made to take our online examination.

Change of Exam Centre by candidates after submission of entry form, where one examination Centre has been selected on the application form and deferral of examination can be done two months to the examination.

Candidates are entreated to give due consideration to several factors that may influence them before they choose an examination centre, because the Association will prepare full list of candidates for each centre they have personally chosen and failure to be at the venue will be treated as examination absence.

Scope of the Examinations

The examination for all papers shall be set to cover all aspects of the syllabus content of each subject.
The examination board will also update students with selected areas for each examination.

Communication Of Examination Results

The examination results of the Chartered Economists will be communicated through the ACCE. Each candidate will receive a generated email and password to login at “MY ACCE” on the homepage of the website after taken an examination.

The examination board will also update students with selected areas for each examination.

Examination Pass Mark

The International Board of Standards wish to ensure quality training of its members without compromising its standards, for this reason the examination pass mark is 50% for each subject.

A candidate can write a minimum of two papers and a maximum of six papers in any examination diet.

When a candidate is unsuccessful in four attempts examination sitting in a particular paper, such a candidate would be withdrawn from the Chartered Economists examinations.

Absence From Examination

Members who apply for the Chartered Economist examinations will not be allowed to cancel / defer their application less than two months to the date of the examination.

Candidates who fails to defer their registered papers in the stipulated period above and fails to turn up to write the exam shall not be entitled to any refund in all respect.

Ch. E Syllabus Structure

Fundamental Level

  • ACCE G1 Fundamentals of Economics
  • ACCE G2 Quantitative Economics
  • ACCE G3 Fundamentals of Accounting

Associate Part I (ACCE I )

  • ACCE G4 Economics of Banking
  • ACCE G5 Investment I
  • ACCE G6 Risk Management I
  • ACCE G7 Statistics
  • ACCE G8 Microeconomics I

Associate Part II (ACCE II)

  • ACCE G9 Macroeconomics I
  • ACCE G10 Company Law
  • ACCE G11 Econometrics I
  • ACCE G12 International Economics

Specialization ACCE Part II

  • ACCE G13 Industrial Economics I
  • ACCE G14 Managerial Economics I
  • ACCE G15 Energy Economics I
  • ACCE G16 Health Economics I
  • ACCE G17 Economics Policy Analysis I
  • ACCE G18 Financial Economics I
  • ACCE G30 Petroleum Economics I

Associate Part III ( Ch.E. )

  • ACCE G19 Econometrics II
  • ACCE G20 Investment II
  • ACCE G21 Risk Management II
  • ACCE G22 Microeconomics II
  • ACCE G23 Macroeconomics II

Specialization ACCE III

  • ACCE G24 Industrial Economics II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G25 Managerial Economics II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G26 Energy Economics II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G27 Health Economics II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G28 Economics Policy Analysis II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G29 Financial Economics II - (Ch.E.)
  • ACCE G31 Petroleum Economics II - (Ch.E.)